воскресенье, 6 октября 2013 г.

Our Boreal Forest in Fall

We live near the taiga - the boreal forest of Siberia. It takes us usually not more than 10 minutes to get there on foot. This place is one of our favourite spots to walk, breathe air and play.
Today my son and I went there for a photoset. Not so many pictures were taken, but we enjoyed ourselves greatly and picked some leaves for our crafts. Son admired the young sportsmen training for their upcoming competitions (there is a ski club near the forest). Later he found two cow skulls (I wonder how they could get there), but paid no attention to them. It made me believe that there are still wild animals such as wolves and bears in that forest. They surely live farther to the North, but nobody has seen either of them here for ages. No farms with cows are situated nearby either. That's a good question, and I'll try to investigate it. Maybe I'll ask my dad or someone who's been living here for a long time and seen all kinds of things.
These woods were inhabited by Native peoples of Siberia until white men came in 18th century. Some toponyms originate from their languages. For instance, the name of the river Barzas comes from the Ket language and means "wolf river". 
I'm going to post more articles about this land and publish some pics, for this is a really beautiful place and it's barely covered by bloggers. It has its spirit. The spirit that I have never come along in any other places.

The temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, which is a little bit colder than it should have been here this time of the year.
Thanks for reading.

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