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Canadian trapper vs. Siberian trapper.

I've recently seen two movies I feel like sharing about. Those were "The Last Trapper" and "Happy People: A Year In The Taiga".
The first one was produced by 5 countries: Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy in 2004. The second one is of German - Russian production and was released in 2010. Both movies can be discribed as documentaries while "The Last Trapper" has much more adventure in it and "Happy People" is purely true to life. I enjoed them a lot. Maybe it's all because I'm fond of pines, lakes and rivers, and boreal forest. Maybe because I admire those fearless men who still live in harmony with nature. These movies made me quiet and thoughtful for a while. I highly recommend them for everyone seeking peace and calmness and craving for good films. 
Norman Winther - le dernier trappeur - lives in the Rocky Mountains in a wooden house made by himself, with his Nahanni wife, Nebraska, and their dogs. Fishing, hunting and trapping provide them with food. Life is hard there, but well-balanced. 
People of the taiga spend summer in the village getting ready for the trapping season which lasts from November till April in Northern Siberia. They make canoes, skis, fishing nets, traps to take them to their winter cabins in taiga when the time comes. To get there they use snowmobiles, while the Canadian trapper prefers a dog sled. One of the main characters of "Happy People" says that he's still in trapping because it's fair to nature and animals. They know that he's a man and they don't expect any good from a man. The fastest and the smartest one wins. It's more humane than keeping cattle. 
Perhaps they are not the very last trappers. But this occupation is at the edge of extinction. I wish I could meet and talk to someone like them. They surely know something elusive, that we, people of the cities, have know idea about.

Thanks for reading. 

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