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Legends Of The Fall Review

After I posted the video for my son's birthday, some people asked me about the track I used in it. I'm going to share a little bit about the background of my choice. The track "The Ludlows" was taken from the movie "Legends of the Fall", that I watched last year. It was downloaded last summer, but something prevented me from watching it right away and it was waiting for me to get ready for it. The right moment happened after I came home from Finland where I spent a beautiful week with some gorgeous folks, who also recommended me to watch it. It was the middle of September when it finally happened. 
I got moveless with the first words and scenes. "Tristan Ludlow was born in the moon of falling leaves". Although thousands of movies are produced every year, it's hard to find a good one that's able to satisfy my taste. That one was a gooder.
The first thing I want to mention is the actors and what a big job they did. They played so professionally and so emotionally that they completely changed my previous perception of them. Nobody scared me so much when I was a child like Anthony Hopkins did. His portrayal of Cannibal Lecter is still a vivid memory from the childhood. I would never start watching anything with him voluntarily. I just didn't know he starred in "Legends..." My mom told me. I said "No! It's not him! Anthony Hopkins is scary. This man with a moustache is handsome and pleasant". "That's him," - mom said. I googled. She was right.
Brad Pitt. I never liked him before this movie. Yes, Benjamin Button is rather cool. That's all I saw. I'm not a Pitt fan. But after this flick I watched some more Pitt's films, like "The River Runs Through It", "The Assassination of Jessie James", "Thelma and Louise", etc.
The second point is the scenery. Legends of the Fall was filmed in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. I haven't been there, but it's on my list. I love the nature over there. I would watch Legends only for its woods and skies.
The costumes are rather simple but beautiful. I like the style of that epoch and would love to dress like that in my daily life. 


The last but not the least thing to mention about Legends is that it's an epic drama. It's EPIC. It is. It's about people, the whole generations of people, and their fates. 
Talking about weak features of Legends, I can say that it's way too romantic and represents "a picture-postcard vision of American West". But this is like a cup of cowboy coffee on a chilly September day for me. 
And yes, the story is narrated by an Indian character (a Cree to be exact). Like for it! 
So, I highly recommend Legends for everyone. You will not waste your time, I promise. 

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